Free download of the electric guitar stem from the track below


17 WAV files in F minor recorded at 142BPM (electric guitar only)

1 WAV stem of Electric guitar recording of the track 'Teleportation' 

Listen to Demos below.

Electric guitar samples performed and recorded by Josh Lipman from 'Fractal Vision'. The guitar playing is Josh's speciality and this has been the main focus for the overall project. Influences come from bands such as 'Pink Floyd', 'Ozric Tentacles' and other guitar players such as Slash to Steve Vai and Joe Satriani just to name a few. Of course there is a lot of Psytrance artists and groups that have had a huge influence such as seeing the 'Infected Mushroom' live shows multiple times and listening to other artists such as 'Talamasca' to 'Shpongle'. All samples that are purchased are 100% royalty free in commercial releases, all though a mention of 'Fractal Vision' is required whenever any of these samples are used. Individual sample packs rather than bundles can be available to purchase on request all though purchasing bundles is the best value but please email me at for requests, just listen through the demos to see what you'd like to work with. 

None of the samples use reverb, EQ or compression in the packs that you purchase. All though they were used in the demo mixes to improve the overall presentation of the samples that I have on offer. Dry means no delay or effects but again these may have been used in some of the demos. Dry for my packs does not mean no gain or distortion and they will be labeled as either clean - no gain or gain - without or with gain. There are also samples that used delay or other effects such as Phaser to give more options.